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Last week I did a shop update, mostly in the beanie section. One of the products on which I worked more is this two-tone hat. I used a super soft and chunky blend of wool and alpaca, I love it and the colors... are amazing. When I had to decide the name for this hat, I thought about the two different colors and how I could use them and the idea of the Two Stories arrived. Most of the time, with my kind of products, I suggest some colors, but if a client wants something else, if the colors are available, I can do a custom order. But with this beanie, you can really do what you want. I'm thinking about a gift for a couple for example: you can choose to use two colors, grey and charcoal, and you can do one for her with the grey below and the charcoal on top and do the opposite for him. alpaca-wool In my head this makes a lot of sense especially because I love to tell stories, I just tell them in a different way: with yarns and pictures. Here you can see all the Two Stories Hat ready to go and you can also find my products here.

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