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Sometimes I like just to talk to you,  taking a moment just for me, usually during the morning, and think of what I'm doing, what's happening and things like that. Sometimes I think at this kind of posts as a sort of  "my favourites", or something like that. First of all, my soundtrack: a few weeks back I fell in love with the music of George Ezra. I have to admitt it, his Cassy O' is that really naughty kind of song: catchy, with a simple but great melody and his voice... well listen to it, and then tell me. After I listened five or six times this song, I wanted to listen to all the album and I did a good thing: it's all very great. (You can listen the whole album here) When I was little, during the month of July, I always went with my grandma in this cute little village in the mountains. I spent my days playing into a little pine grove, fresh water from the fountain, redcurrant from the neighbour's garden. During the weekend my parents joined us and we went on little road trips for a picnic near the different mountain creeks or just to eat corn mush in a place near the french frontier. When we stopped to go away for the whole month, we continued to go on one-day trips to those places. I have to admit that one of my favourite one is a place we go to eat corn mush and fantastic vegetables. This past saturday me and my boyfriend did the road trip to that amazing place; the day was a little bit cloudy, with fresh air and I loved it. Of course I took a lot of pictures and I want to share some of them with you. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2631,2630,2629,2632"] After my holiday and my reading two books in one week, now I'm back to one book for two weeks. I don't like this: I want to read so many books, but, as always, I'm not so great with my relaxing day or hours and I find myself working or doing something else. So my current reading for the past week, and I'm afraid for the next one or two, is an old book by Zadie Smith, On Beauty. on beauty So this is how I'm spending my month of August: working on new things (a whale was spotted on my instagram), trying to read and listening to a bunch of music. And you? *spoiler alert: next week I will post some of the new items that are on sale now on my second shop, storiestellers.

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