Weaving workinprogress

My boyfriend gave me a small loom for my birthday in June, it was one of the greatest gift I ever received. I never tried weaving before, but I love everything that involves fibres so I slowly started to try using it. I only used it five or six times since then, but now I really want to try to use it more. For now I made four weavings to hang on the wall, in fact two of them are the first art pieces I used to decorate the wall near the dinner table. I would like to add to it illustrations, frames and other weavings. I also tried to make a necklace, but now I think I will make a smaller loom just to be able to make them better and without wasting too much thread. weaving necklace   Yesterday I was tiding my studio and I realized I have a bunch of yarns leftovers so I started a new weaving and if I will like the result I think that will be the first piece I will sell as weaving! weaving workinprogress

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