Us, David Nicholls

I finished to read this book last at the beginning of last week. I had some busy days so I didn't have the time to seat at my desk and think about this book too much. But now it's the right time to do it. Well, I liked it and I can say for sure that I liked it more that the previous one, One Day (2009). The story is very interesting, its development is linear and its characters have something unique. But, I don't know, it's happening something strange here: while I was reading it I was taken by it and I wanted to find out if the story would have ended as I was imagining, (if you are curious about it, the answer is yes, its end it's a bit predictable). Now I don't know, I think that the element that I appreciated the most was the tour around Europe, walking with the characters along some streets I walked myself in the past. In one of the cities, I found myself in an english bookstore where I was last year on my vacation and it was nice to see again certain places. I have to admit that I wasn't part of those people who loved One Day that much. I enjoyed reading it, I even did a series of posts about it, but I didn't think it was the most brilliant story or book. And I have to say that it's something similar for Us: pleasant reading, but nothing more.  

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