Un peu sauvage, print shop

Last week I told you my story with photography and about my new print shop in this post. During the last weekend, I thought a lot about this shop and I arrived to some conclusions. First of all, it needs a proper name, usually I use Keep Calm and Knit or KCKshop when it comes to my work with wool, knitting and weaving. But this space is something new and separate from that world so after an afternoon of brainstorming I decided for UN PEU SAUVAGE. Maybe one day, if you are interested, I will tell you why I chose this name. With the new name other ideas arrived to me so now I have: - new instagram account: @unpeusauvage - new tumblr blog: unpeusauvage.tumblr.com In the next couple of weeks I will put in the shop new sets of pictures and I'm working on something special.   keep calm and knit If you want to buy the Keep Calm and Knit picture you can go here.

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