Two books

Temps Glaciaries, Fred Vargas Oh my, how much did I love this book? So so so much. Well, it's hard for me to find a book by Fred Vargas that I didn't like. And this one no less than the others. I think that one of the things that I love the most about this writer are her descriptions. The way she can describe a character or a situation with so many simple details and without any odd writing amazes me. I really hate those writers that feel the need to show you how many strange and polished words they know. I don't care how well you know the dictionary, I want to read a good story, not the list of the section B of the dictionary. Well, as for all the crime stories, I can't tell you much. I can tell you that if you already know Fred Vargas and you like her, go out and find this new book. If you haven't read anything from her and are curious, you can start with any book that inspires you the most. The main characters are always the same, a parisian police homicide section, with their personal story, but you don't have to necessarily read the books in order. You will catch up. Non Avevo Capito Niente, Diego De Silva I read this book in italian and it has been translated in english, but it doesn't matter, beacause I don't want to really talk about the book, more about what happened when I read it. When I started to read this book, I was really frustrated by it, I didn't like the writing and I really hated the way the protagonist talked. It happens that you don't like a book, sometimes I have time when I have in my hands more books that I don't like than the other way around. And when a thing like this happens I simply don't read the book anymore, I don't want to spend time reading something I don't like from the first page. It took me some years of bad reading, but I finally got it: reading is a passion of mine, sadly no one is paying me to read books, so why ruin something I love so much? Back to the point: I wasn't liking the book, naming every two second every single piece of Ikea furniture the protagonist puts his eyes on is funny for the first half page, then it's really annoying. At the third page I was ready to put the book down and never open it again, but something was keeping me on the chair with the book open. I will not say that at the end I liked the book, this is not the case, but, maybe because was a too hot summer sunday, I almost read it in one session. I finished it on monday. So why, even if I almost hated this book, I kept reading it? I don't know, really. If you have a theory, please tell me.

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