Tumblr and addiction

Hi, my name is Giulia or Ada J Sorrow. Yes, I'm a Tumblr alchoholic. This addiction started in 2008 I think. At first I used this blog for sharing my photographs, then I found out the "reblog" button. It was my end. After two or three year one tumblr wasn't enough so I opened another one: It's hard to be a straight girl (another story another time). At one point two weren't enough so I opened more and more tumblrs. Some months ago I was able to say stop to my compulsion. Now I can proudly say I have "just" three Tumblrs but they all have sense. Screenshot_1   One is for work: Keep calm and knit (it's one of my first opened tumblr and if you go back enough you can see all my phases).   Screenshot_3   The second is: It's hard to be a straight girl (you can imagine the theme, of course is NSFW).   Screenshot_2   And: Pastel Birdcage, an "inspirational" blog, a cute word for my need for compulsive cuteness.   Now you know my tumblr addiction story. What's yours? tell me, I'm curious, I can't be the only one.   Ps: chiedo scusa alla gente che di solito mi legge in Italiano, ma questo post mi è nato così spontaneamente. Se qualcuno fosse curioso di sapere della mia dipendenza da Tumblr, chiedete senza problemi e sarete soddisfatti.

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