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First thing first, if you lost my first post about my holiday in London and my tour in some bookshops in London, you can go here and read it. airbnb house Now, while I was in London I stayed in a rental apartment and, as usual since five years, I used Airbnb and, as always, I had a great time. I was in a house in Kennington, near a very nice park with a lovely english garden. I never went to this neighborhood and I found it very great and well served with public transportation. kennington english garden   I finally managed to have a huge walk in Hyde Park, it was tiresome, but it was worth it; (the next time I will want to do that again, but by bike). If you are interest in food markets, you have to go to Borough Market. [gallery link="file" type="slideshow" ids="2594,2595"]   One with intention and the other by chance, I visited two farms: the one I knew about was the Hackney City Farm and the second one was Spitafields City Farm and I had a great time in both of them. Animals and green right in the city, what more can you ask for? [gallery type="slideshow" link="file" ids="2597,2598"]     One of the things I always enjoy when I go to this amazing city, is walking down Brick Lane and see all the new pieces of street art I can find. [gallery link="file" type="slideshow" ids="2601,2600"] And about street art and walking around with a totally different goal in mind, one day I found myself right in front of one of those things I saw million of times on Tumblr and it's real! I know this wall isn't the first and original one (that is in New Orleans), but for me was equally something special. If you want to know all the story or want to see if in a town near yours there is one of these walls, you can go check and read this site. before i die i want to By the way, when I saw this wall I was going to see something very special at the theatre, the Mischief Theatre. So, I know this post is more like a huge list and not so chatty, but I saw so many things that I want to share with you, that I can't think to any other method to do it. Ps: If you want to subscribe to my newsletter, you have still time until the first one this thursday!  

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