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This tag was created by Jen Campbell for her youtube channel and I fell in love with it, so here I am doing my blog version of it. This is the original video version. L'isola dei mulini, Donatella Bindi Mondaini: this is the first book I remember reading just for the pleasure of reading it, all by myself. I was on holiday with my mum and my grandmother, in the usual place where me and my grandmother spent our Julys in the mountains. I was sitting on the balcony near my mum, at the end of the day; she, as always, was reading a book and I just sat near her and started to read my own book too. I can say that I never stopped reading book after book, since that day. David Copperfield, Charles Dickens: this is the classic example of my usual kind of reading when I had to spend my holidays with my parents, most of the time at the beach. It was the summer between my first and second year in high school and my english teacher gave us some summer readings and this was what I was reading sitting on the rocks. Le provenienze dell'amore, Stefano Pistolini: I read this book in high school and I know it will sound strange, but this book changed my perspective on music and how I was living it. Some months before I found this book in my trusted bookshop, I was looking through my father's vinyls and some of them catched my eyes, so I took them in my room, I listened to them, something clicked, but then I put them again in my father's library. Months later, as I said, I found this book: it was about Nick Drake. That name was familiar to me, but I didn't know why, but I bought the book, anyway. I read it, fell in love with it and then, I remembered that one of my father's vinyls was by Nick Drake. I listened to it again and everything changed. But this is another story. Blankets, Craig Thomson: beautiful graphic novel, I read the entire book in one session. It was a cold Saturday morning in the winter, I was under my blankets in bed listening on repeat an album. The Rotters' Club, Jonathan Coe: this is not a very happy memory, I was very very sad when my friends gave me this book and maybe this is why I didn't like so much reading it at that time. Maybe one day I will read it again and I will love it. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers: I remember the exact moment when I read this book. I was in my room, in my favorite house I had during university and that year I spent most of my nights reading book after book. Yes, I was a real party girl. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami: another university related memory. I had a free week between winter exams session and the new year, I was at my parents' house and I read the first 500 pages of this book in two or three days. I was spending most of the days sitting in an old armchair completely absorbed by this book. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K.Rowling: I finished this book while I was on a train full of people. I remember I wanted to cry, but there was so much people around me and I think, in the end, I cried a little. One Day, David Nicholls: I wasn't so sure I wanted to read this book, but on a summer day I was in the library and this book was one of the last interesting things that were on the shelves. So I took it home and I started to read it and a week later I wrote 5 blog posts about it. French Milk, Lucy Knisley: the story about this book is very simple. I was on holiday in London, last year, and I found this book at Gosh!. It was a travel journal and it was the perfect book to read while I was away. This reading changed some things about my perspective on travel journals. Wow, this post was very long and I went back many years with my memory. If anyone wants to play with me, write me in the comments your blog post (or video), I'm always curious about other readings, memories and stories.

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