The simple things of everyday are full of beauty

I think that the simple things of everyday are full of beauty, whether you are on a journey or in your daily life.
I've been trying to write this post for two days now. This is odd for me. Usually, I write on the spur of the moment. Instead of trying to find the right words, I maybe just have to tell you what I want to say. First of all, you have to understand that I believe what I wrote in the quote since I started to think with my own head about life. Many of the things I decided to do or not during my life were based on this belief. Second thing: as you may have already seen, I opened a print shop. After months of thinking about it, the other day I tried to do and see some things and that's when I decided: I needed to have a space entirely dedicated to this. You also need to know that photography is something that has been in my life for about eleven years or more. I remember perfectly the first time I saw the world through a black and white film and it blew my mind, no, sorry, my eyes, away. When I started to go to university, I started a long and difficult journey. I was looking for a way to express myself. As many people, I wrote, I drew, I took pictures and I even tried to play something. At some point I understood that I wasn't so good in many things and I kept doing what I was feeling right for me. To combine my love for music and photography I started a project about indie bands, especially italians, live concerts and photography. I loved those years, all the amazing bands I knew and all the good music I listened to. Then life and changes happened and I left behind my passions. print shop About six years ago I started again to experiment with my camera and it was the "selfportrait period". But, even if I liked challenging me, my body and my mind, I knew that it wasn't really my thing and I stopped again (if you are curious, you can see my flickr). In the meanwhile, I started my work with knitting and crochetting. I used my camera just for that purpose. Last year I started to take pictures of my work-in-progress, my day, my simple life and I started to share them more and more on Instagram. During those months so many things have changed, even me, and my work change very much, I was in a phase where I was evolving myself, I was growing up. Yes, in june I turned 30, but I don't think it was that, maybe. And now I find myself taking these pictures full of simplicity and beauty. When I look at most of them, I find peace and joy and if I can pass even the smallest amount of it to someone, I'll be really happy. I don't know if this post can really tell you why I felt the need to open that space, but at least now you know something more about me. Ps: I was finally inspired to write this by the new Bjork's song: stonemilker. Listening again to Bjork is like meeting again a dear friend after years of separation. Pps: I'm having a 15%off sales for the first weekend of my print shop, you can see it here and you can use the code HOUSEWARMING at the checkout for the discount.

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