The Confetti Collection

With the new Spring/Summer collection, The Confetti Collection, I introduced a new series of products. It combines different loves and interests of mine. First of all my attention to details and to take care of every aspect of my business. One of the parts I love the most is the packaging process: I always try to make the packaging of my products special and unique. [caption id="attachment_5199" align="aligncenter" width="474"]bookmark You Are Here bookmark You Are Here[/caption] The other huge love related to my work is photography and all the props I can use while taking my pictures. Finally, I thought about my love for little treasures and oddities and vintage objects that I collect and have inherited from my family over the years. I introduced the photo props and snail mail sets in wich I collect things to use to take better pictures or to send to a dear friend. They are objects I usually make for my packaging, little drawing or little vintage treasuries. [caption id="attachment_5200" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Photo props set Photo props set[/caption] But the photo props sets are not the only new product I introduced in the collection. I also started to put together a sort of goodies' bag for the weaving lovers out there. I have so many leftovers from my knitting work, so many yarns that I will never use and vintage yarns I inherited, that I really don't know when I will be able to use them all. So I thought I can use the basic idea of the photo props bag, but with the weaving theme. So you will find some pieces of yarns, three tags and a small notebook you can use to write down your weaving ideas and sketches. You will find all the details about these bags in the products description on my shop and you can see all The Confetti Collection. [caption id="attachment_5201" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Weaving Goods Weaving Goods[/caption] You can shop the Confetti Collection on my shop and on my Etsy store.  

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