Sustainable Art Weaving Wall Hanging

You probably read or saw over my Instagram, that for my birthday I got a loom for weaving. After some experiments that are now hanging in my house (and the collection is just at the beginning), I started to do some weavings for my shop. first weaving experiments   This weaving wall hanging belongs to my sustainable art collection: it is made with yarns leftovers or vintage wool I find in secondhand markets or stores. They are all one of a kind, of course, and I think that this makes every piece more special. I make every piece with love and attention to details. This particular piece was inspired by winter: grey tones and dark blue, I'm especially in love with the little blue section in the middle. Don't ask me why, but while I'm writing this post, I'm listening to a music compilation with bands like Explosion in the sky, Balmorhea and The Album Leaf and while I'm watching this weaving I think they are perfect for each other. Maybe it's beacause I like to listen to this kind of music especially during this time of the year and this weaving was inspired by the winter. Maybe it's a silly thought, but what can I do? If you want to know more specific information, you can see the description under the product over at my shops or just write me a comment or an email. You can find this weaving in my etsy shop or in my new store. Down here you can see some workinprogress of this weaving. starting a weaving weaving workinprogress      

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