Struggling with myself

Yesterday I realized something: I don't have to torture myself to accomplish a goal I decided all by myself. I'm working on a wholesale order and I put the shipping date on the 26th of November, in my mind I knew that I would finish before that day; but, while I was working, I decided that I had to finish and to ship it by the end of this week. So yesterday I found myself struggling between the wholesale order and some of the orders for the retail store. By lunch time I realized I was crazy and I took the time I needed to finish everything. So I slowed down and today I have my retail orders ready to be shipped and by the end of the day I will finish the wholesale one. Sometimes I don't understand myself: when I have time I put pressure on me and when I really have to accomplish something, for example starting making socks (I know two people out there that would be very happy if I did), I procrastinate. Is it just me or am I not alone in this kind of things?

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