Storiestellers: vintage and handmade goodies

Finally I can tell you one of my news: I opened a second shop, stories tellers, with my friend Mirta (she also has another shop: mi+ed design). rabbit It's a vintage and handmade using vintage supplies shop, but we like to think at our shop as a place where you can find stories, because eveything tells you one.  old music and tin And if you don't know the whole story, it's great to imagine where an object could have been, or who was its owner. cotton pillow One of the great things about vintage is what it can bring into your home: an old touch in a modern house, a classic look in a simple outfit, eccetera. I love so much when I find a little old treasure through my granma's or aunt's stuff; it can be an object, yarns or pictures ( I always have a picture of my granma on my wall, of when she was about twenty years old, I think). granma If you want to look around in our curiosities and found objects, we also have an instagram account, so you can come and say hello :)

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