Smelling good

I don't use too many perfumes, usually I don't like them so much, but I'm in love with some fragrances from plants and creams. One of the scents that I love since I was a kid, is lavender. There are times when I'm not so obsessed with it, but sometimes my love becomes a little too much. But what can I do? I like that smell! [caption id="attachment_4002" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Lavender popcorn and foot cream Lavender popcorn and foot cream[/caption] Lavender popcorn Until some months ago, in my shop you could have found a product that I called popcorn: they were tiny crochet beads full of lavender. I also made them with roses and for Christmas with cloves and cinnamon. I'm working on my shop for new products, new colors and maybe I will put them again on sale. Foot cream I've been in love with this cream by L'Occitane for years now. Sometimes I buy the bigger one, but this size it's perfect for travelling. When you spend all your day walking around a city, it's amazing to put some of this cream on your feet after a shower and relax. [caption id="attachment_4003" align="aligncenter" width="474"]hand and body cream Hand and body cream[/caption] Hand cream I already told you how much I love this hand cream by Aesop, but what I didn't tell you is my favorite time to use it. Sometimes I suffer with anxiety attacks and one of the things that help me to pass over it, is to try to create a "safe place" and one of the things that help to create it is the smell of this cream. I don't know why, but taking care of my hands, massage them and smell this fragrance helps a little. Body cream I bought this body cream from Lush during the Christmas time. I was in the shop to buy something else and while I was waiting to pay I tried it on my hands. Well, I spent the rest of the morning smelling my hands and some days later I was again int he shop to buy it.

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