September's new resolutions

I'm running late with my "New Year's resolutions". Yes, I too put myself alongside those who think september is the start of the year. It's been a while since I last wrote for the pleasure to write, here, but that's not all. Lately, the act of writing has been tied to work, to describe products and titles; but also the lastfew posts are all, to be honest, written with a certain goal in mind. There are many reasons and they are too long and intricate to be explained here. But today, while I was in the bookshop making one of my favourite hobbies (to lose myself in miles of books and tons of possible stories), an idea came to me and now here I am trying to keep up with the pen (yes, often I hand write on notebook and re-write on computer). As in my favourite tradition of posts written with "stream of consciousness", there isn't a point, just the desire to write and tell something. Earlier I was telling about resolutions, in my mind and soon also in my notebook, there are many of them, but for once they will stay there, I want to avoid for the umpteenth time to shout out  about a great project that will maybe see the light one time and then never again. No, this time it will remain with me and if I will be really good, then you will read about it here. I will just say one thing: everytime I describe myself I talk about a person with two addictions, books and wool; if for the last one you can see very often the results, for the other one you read very little considering how big is this love of mine.

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