September 25

Today I'm particularly in love with the words. I woke up and it was just one of those days when you want to stay under your blanket and even if I didn't have anything or anyone forcing me to get up, I have a little bit of integrity. After three hours I think during which I wasn't able to do anything good, I found myself sitting at my desk reading a blog I follow and something clicked. My mind, as usual, started to go fast through so many ideas, dreams, projects and I was writing, that's all. I don't want to keep you here reading all the jumps my mind did this morning, but I want to share with you the amazing blog I was reading when everything started, maybe you already know her, but if you don't, you have to check her out: Mandarine's. Robespierre And since it's so long that I don't show you my little love, here's Robespierre!

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