Saturday work in progress

This week was all about cleaning the studio, sorting out my supplies, reorganizing things around the website and the shop. I was able to understand completely the phrase "clean space, clear mind". It's so true. I also did one of my favorite things: making lists of things to do and I started to work again on some projects I abandoned months ago. The basket weave blanket Basketweave-blanket-3 Almost a year ago I started to knit squares to make a blanket, I finished the squares and I never found the will to put them together. During these months I thought about what I could do with them and some days ago I undid everything and I found a new way to do my blanket. I'm using different kinds of yarns, but mostly the eco wool by Sandilane, I want a little blanket, super chunky and comfy, and this yarn is perfect. I'm using a stitch I have never used before, the basket weave stitch and it's beautiful and perfect for this kind of projects. Basketweave-blanket-2 The cozy socks the-cozy-socks The second knit work in progress I have at the moment is a pair of socks. I used this yarn to knit my first socks last year and it didn't went well, so I just knitted one sock and then I abandoned it in a drawer. But the other day, while I was cleaning, I found it and I wanted to try again (also, socks are the new challenge for my year). If you want to follow these two projects on Ravelry, you can go here. Squared embroidery squared-embroidery-1 I also picked up hoop and needle to do a couple of embroidery projects. I like to have different things to work on and with the embroidery I can combine two things: drawings and fiber work. squared-embroidery-3

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