Saturday Special: book news

For this Saturday I wanted to do an experiment with a new kind of post. I'm working on making this blog better and one of the things on which I want to work more is the book section. During the past two months I had a lot of work and I didn't have much time to put in this project, but I have a couple of ideas I want to try. Of course, the book releases are different from country to country, so I will pick United States and United Kingdom for comparison. Let me know if this book news is something that you find useful, I really want to make this blog more special and I need your opinion. Book releases this week (27/10/'15) Hunger makes me a modern girl: a memoir, Carrie Brownstein. US: oct 27, UK: nov 5 Science of the magical: from the Holy Grail to love potions to superpowers, Matt Kaplan. US: oct 27, UK: oct 27 Wildflower, Drew Barrymore, US: oct 27, Uk: oct 29 The Familiar, Volume 2: Into the forestMark Z. Danielewski, US: oct 27, UK: oct 27 Home, Hellen Degeneres, US: oct 27, UK: oct 29 Trigger Warning: short fictions and disturbances (paperback), Neil Gaiman, US: oct 27, UK: mar 2015.    

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