Recycled denim woven coasters

The other week I told you about my new shop on etsy and my new collection of brooches and necklaces. The other day, while I was thinking about the posts I wanted to do this week, I realized I never finished to talk to you about the other new products I have had in my shop for about a month now. Some weeks ago, I showed you the burgundy and white coasters, but I made them also in blue and they are quite special. recycled denim woven coasters I used recycled denim cotton for these woven coasters, so my sustainable home goodies collection is even more sustainable now. When I saw this special cotton, I knew I had to create something with it and here they are. They are about 9 cm x 9.50 cm (3.50"x3.70"), without the fringe and I sell the set of four coasters, two blue and two jeans and they are 20 € (about 21 $). You can find them both in my etsy shop and in my personal shop but only over here I'm having a special sale: everything is 15% off and you don't even have to use a code to get it. If you have any questions about these coasters or anything else, you can leave a comment or write me here.  

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