Reading list for the next month

My reading list for the next month, I think. Well, I kind of have to: most of the books in this list are from the library, so I have a month to read them. Untorn tickets, Paul Burke: I found it in my favourite second hand book shop in my city. I didn't know anything about this book, I already started to read it and for now I like it. Riparare i viventi, Maylis de Kerangal: my cousin, one of the few person I listen to when they suggest me a book, told me that I have to read it, so... Family life, Akhil Sharma: "Outstanding... every page is alive and surprising, proof of his huge, unique talent" David Sedaris. For me it was enough to take this book. I predict a riot, Catherine Bruton: I don't know anything about this book, we'll see.

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