Personal minimalist style

I'm not the kind of person who follows fashion or its trends, but I like certain kind of things that you can label as minimalist style. Over the years I learned what colors I like to wear and that make me feel good when I'm wearing them. Looking around on websites, blogs, ecc ... I understood that when I'm looking for something that maybe I could like to wear or for my home, I have to look into the minimalist style. I also learned that it isn't just about the choice of a color palette, for each and everyone of us can be different, and when I read this post of Into-Mind, I found out that I was thinking that exact same thing. If you go check out my minimalist style moodboard on Pinterest, you will see this style from my point of view. For the color palette you will see: blue, grey, black, white/oatmeal, jeans and a little touch of hot color like brown or mustard. You will also see stripes, natural materials like cotton and linen and, for the winter time, a huge amount of wool. minimalist style Of course these kind of things may reflect on my work. This Spring and Summer I'm doing a different approach to make my new Autumn and Winter collection. One of the element that I have to consider are the colors, of course. Last year I was thinking more about the single piece, not as a whole. I think that this time you will be able to see my personal style and, I don't know, I think I can tell you that I'm really happy about how I'm working on this collection. I know that since I began my journey in this creative area I grew up a lot, I learned very much on my way here and I made lots of mistakes, but now I can see a change. I hope you will see it too.

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