Pastel necklaces

Yesterday I finally updated my shop with the new products I have been working on lately. If you want you can group them under the name Pastel Collection. There are different kinds of products: necklaces, jellyfishes and a mini mobile. When I started to work on them, I wanted something sweet, I knew I wanted to add some pieces of fiber jewellery to go with my all time best seller crochet ring, I wanted an eco-friendly home decor perfect to use as a mini baby mobile or for your house. I wanted soft colours and eco-friendly materials. [caption id="attachment_4015" align="aligncenter" width="474"]pastel mint necklace Pastel mint necklace[/caption] Today I wanted to talk a bit more about the necklaces. They are available in three colours, mint, blush pink and mustard, but I think that with time I will add some more choices. They are made with: - a crochet bead - two hand painted by me wooden beads using no toxic paint - four ceramic beads - linen and cotton yarn The thread is adjustable. [caption id="attachment_4016" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Mustard necklace Mustard necklace[/caption] They are 24 € (27$) and you can find them here: my shop and Etsy.

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