Oh comely swap a letter

The other day I was browsing around internet, from a site to another, link after link and I found myself on the page of Oh Comely magazine. I knew this magazine but I never read any issue. Then I clicked on the blog section and the latest post was about a swap project. Of course I couldn't resist to read it and subscribe almost outright. The project is called The Perfect Strangers Project and on the site you can find everything about how it works and some ideas. It's very simple: you write some details in the profile section, from your adress to a description (something about you, what you like and what you hate), then  you'll receive the details about your swap partner, prepare the box and wait for your package! You have still 20 days to join the perfect strangers. I like very much swap projects like this one or snail mail, you can find amazing people across the world and you are able to share little things with each other! Here you can find the snail mail project that miplused design made last year on her blog.

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