Notes and links n.3

Notes: three magazines I'm in love with Flow: I found the mindfulness issue when I was on holiday in Amsterdam in June. I was going around in this amazing news-stand and as soon as I put my eyes on it, I knew that it would come home with me. It's full of adorable things for paper lovers, (of course, Flow is a magazine for paper lover, they say it) and this issue has very interesting articles and interviews and I read it at the perfect time for me. Extracurricular: it's a magazine from New Zeland, "it is about folks who get creative with their spare time". I wanted to read this magazine for quite a while and when I saw the messy issue and its cover, I couldn't resist anymore and I bought it. There are interviews with very interesting people and some D.I.Y projects. The Happy Reader: it's it's a magazine for readers by Penguin. It's divided in two parts: the first one is an interview with a "book fanatic", ( i read the interview with Kim Gordon and wow, it was so good), and the second part is about a classic book, (in this case I read about The Book of Tea by Kazuko Okakura). Now I'm waiting for Issue n.3 with an interview with Aziz Ansai. Links. Movie: the new one by Guy Ritchie Music: the new album by Of Monsters and Men Series: Outlander Field bag by Fringe supply co

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