Finally I'm ready to tell you one of my "new year resolution" (I know, it is not so new anymore, but please, be kind to me). After months of being sad that my updates on facebook are not being seen, that me and twitter are still not so much friends, I decided to make a newsletter. It will be once a month, so don't worry about being buried by mails from Keep Calm And Knit. mailing list You can sign up just by writing your email address in this box on the left. or by going to this page. I want to make a newsletter to have a place where I can write all those things I care about and I really don't want to get lost in the heap of the internet. I will write about particular new items I put on my shop; if I'm having sales you will know before anyone else; in the next months I want do something special on my blog, something to share with you, so even if you lost that post you can be up to date. I will start as soon as I reach at least 10 sign-ups. PS: I took the picture on the cover at the TATE gallery in London about two years ago and about that, in july I will be in London (yes, I'm missing so much that city).

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