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Hello! This week and the next two will be very busy weeks so maybe I will be not able to write long and detailed posts. I will tell you about one thing tomorrow and about a second one next week. But for now I would like to tell you about a new section I created on my shop on etsy and on my facebook page. It's the sales section: in the etsy shop you will find the section with the sales for that period, the products I add on there are 50% off, but only for about 10-15 days. After that period of time you will find those items only on my facebook page: if you are interested in something you see, just write me an email or a message. Etsy sales section Facebbok sales section square pictures If you want to know the long story behind this decision you can keep reading. For the last two months or so I've been working to improve my shop: labels, goodies for my packaging, better pictures and all of that. But the one thing that I especially care about right now is my style. After attempts to try different things I finally know where I want to go with my work and how. I'm that knid of person that has to experiment before knowing exactly what do. But when I get to the right point I kick ass :) Yes, in the next months you will see something great! Ps: for the little square pictures I used Printstagram, they are one of those new  little goodies I will use for my packaging.

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