New necklaces and brooches collection

After working hard for some weeks, my new collection is finally in my shops! tree boho necklace But one thing at a time. With the new year I started to feel the need to create something new and different from everything I had been doing up to now. Everything started when I began to weave more and more and after some time I wanted to experiment more with this technique; so I put together this desire and some of my little doodles (I don't want to call them drawings simply because I can't draw for real). When I was ready to produce the first necklace I knew I wanted to use a vintage tartan fabric that I had at home and a great linen yarn that I've already used last year for some of my products. One of the things I wanted to accomplish with this new collection was that I wanted it to be sustainable. This means that I wanted to use only great materials, vintage fabrics or leftovers I find in fabric stores. For example, for this first collection I used: - vintage tartan fabric - 100% cotton - 100% linen, yarn and fabric. At this time you will find: - 4 tartan brooches - 4 brown linen necklaces - 4 white cotton necklaces - 4 blue cotton necklaces. In the next weeks I will talk more about the single brooches and necklaces, maybe I will make a few moodboards or write some ideas on how to wear them and how to match them. And now some links. You can find the new collection and some new weavings on my two shops: My personal shop or my Etsy shop If you want to see work in progress, daily life, silly pictures or know about special sales, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter, @unpeusauvage. For inspirations and some goodmornings (I have a board full of coffee pictures ehehe), follow my Pinterest. And just for fun, my Tumblr page.

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