My studio: yarns of the moment

Last week I showed to you my little studio and I really enjoyed it. So today I'm here to better show you a piece of my space. Working so much with materials like wool and cotton, most of my supplies are yarns. I have them in different places, but one of the things that I do is that I like to keep my yarns of the moment in a "special place", at the end of my desk. This is where I also keep the notebook that I'm using, my organizer, crochet and knit tools and other essential things for my work. yarns of the moment I like to have near me what I need to make my current projects, so I don't have to look for that precise cotton yarn I want. And I like to look at it and see all the colors I'm using at the moment. At this time I'm working on new things for the summer and I'm sure you can tell that.  

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