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At the beginning of September, I will put online the new collection (yehhh), and I will do some changes around my shops. For different reasons, I have three shops open at the moment on different platforms: one on Etsy, with the old name Kckshop, one on Tictail and one it's my personal ecommerce. One day I want to have just my personal one, but for now this is the situation. Etsy - old time best sellers and new products - you can find me under the name of Kckshop - in Autumn I will put on sale some patterns - until the end of August you have free shipping with the code: FREESHIPPING1 - I think one day I will want to close this one Personal shop (using Big Cartel) - some selected best sellers - new season products - if you subscribe to the mailing list, you always have free shipping Tictail - old time best sellers and new products - sort of like the Etsy one for now  

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