Little things can do great things

This morning I had, for the umpteenth time, the demonstration that the little things, most of the time, can help you a lot. I woke up in a bad mood and with a monthly problem; it's saturday and I still have a few days of holiday and I can take it easy with the things I have to do, so I stayed in bed. I told myself I could read or watch some videos on youtube. Well, after two hours nothing had change so I got up, put my hair in my favourite messy bun (like in the picture), used my current favourite lotion that smells so great, put on some layers of black and grey tshirts and sweather and my mood was a little bit better. Then I thought I could sit in front of my computer and write something. I know, the last time I wrote something here it was before the holidays, but I needed to unplug a little bit and put my routine on pause a while. I spent these days reading a lot, watching almost the entire filmography of the Coen brothers and my love for their latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, took me again to listen to its soundtrack again and again. In fact, I think, that tomorrow this album will be the soundtrack to my trip to Turin to visit some friends I haven't seen for too many months and I miss them so much. It will be my usual two days away from home and I hope that monday morning will not be so cold so I can go around my old city and take some pictures.  

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