Little Routines

During the last week I bumped into different blog posts about restoring balance: the first one was by Windwardmade, she was telling about all the things she wanted to change to slow down. The second one was Barnacle Bag's, mentioned by Inge, and she also made a little list about the things she wants to do to make her life better. Then the day after I went to visit Mirta and she told me that she had just wrote a post on her blog, mipluseddesign, about the need to slow down. So I took these readings as a sign to think about it myself and of course I wanted to make a little list, I love making them and I'm always looking for a new reason to write one down. Usually, at wedsneday, I spend my evening by myself, my boyfriend hosts a radio show, and I have all the house for myself and my guinea pig to cuddle; last week I used some of my time to write a list about little treats I want try to give to me during the week: Good bread: once a week I want to take time to go to a place quite near my house to buy some very good bread, made with yeast dough ( I don't have the patience to do it myself). Good night herbal tea: a little hot hug every night before I go to sleep. Turning the phone off: I need to turn it off at some point during the evening. Usually I find myself into bed still looking at something, most of the time useless, on the internet. Reading more: yes, I read a lot, but I know I could read a lot more if I didn't waste my time with worthless things. dinner table The last treat I would like to give me is more dinners with friends and family (more with friends, family I love you, but let's not overdo it). I like to think about what we could eat, but especially I like to arrange the table and the house for my friends.

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