Little habits

I like to have little habits, but I change them at least once a month. Maybe most of them remain the same, but I change the time I indulge them during the day. These are some of the little habits I've been having lately: - decaf green tea in the morning - working while listening to an audiobook - after work, sitting at the dinner table with the laptop and a beverage (prosecco, tonic water, iced tea) - reading after dinner when I'm alone at home - clean my workspace at the end of the day - having a sort of "uniform" while I'm working: when I finish, I take a shower, I change my clothes and then I sit at the table working on non-business related things Habits I want to introduce: - going to the public library once a week - swimming once a week, the dream is twice a week or every time I feel the need to do something without thinking about anything - be satisfied about my business, even when I had a hard week

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