Latest Readings n.4

Today I want to talk to you about some of my latest readings: they are three books, one I liked, one I'm not so sure about and one I abandoned. Jonathan Coe, Loggerheads and other stories At least I think this is the corresponding English book of what I read in Italian, Disaccordi Imperfetti. It's a collection of short stories that Coe wrote during the past ten years or so. On the website of Penguin you can read in the description of this book, that "Loggerheads is therefore essential reading for all fans of Coe". I would say a similar thing, but with other words. I think this collection can interest only Jonathan Coe's super fans, but it's not essentials to them. I didn't enjoy so much this book; yes, some ideas are interesting, but I don't see Coe at his best with short stories. Ayana Mathis, The twelve tribes of Hattie This is the book I liked. It's the story of Hattie, from Southern America, who goes to Philadelphia to pursue a better life and maybe the American Dream. But the beauty of this book is that it's not only about her story, on the contrary; most of the story is about her family, her sons and sisters and we also get to know every time a bit more about Hattie through the eyes and the words of her tribe. We follow this family for six decades and this book is amazing from the start to the end. Georgina Harding, Painter of Silence I didn't finish to read this book. At this time you should know that, if I don't like a book, I don't have any problem to abandon it. I really don't know why I would have to punish myself while doing something I like and that I'm not forced to do. I wasn't so sure when I picked up this book, my cousin suggested it to me and usually she isn't wrong with what I would like. But not this time. In the synopsis you can read the story is set in "Romania, early 1950s. Nameless man is found on the steps of a hospital. Deaf and mute, he is unable to communicate until a young nurse called Safta brings paper and pencils with which he can draw. Slowly, painstakingly, memories appear on the page". That was exactly my problem: slowly memories appear on the page, too too too slowly for me. I'm sorry, maybe it was a really good book, but I couldn't resist another page of it, it was like I was never reading more that two pages at a time, I couldn't do it.    

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