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Under Wildwood, Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis I read the first book from this series, Wildwood, about six months ago. I really loved it, it was a very good book to enter this new world. Some adventures and many charachters to know. Now a few months have passed and the life of Prue goes on in the "outside" world. This time we have the chance to know the Curtis's sisters and all they can add to the story and all the new characters they bring with them. It's a good second book and after you read Under Wildwood, you will want to know how the story goes on. Well, I, for sure, want to know what's next.  I can't wait to read the story and to see all the beautiful illustration made by Carson Ellis, I'm so in love with her work!Underwildwood Pétronille, Amelie Nothomb I like reading Amelie Nothomb. Everytime she manages to take you to another little world, even if for just a little while. One time it can be Japan with an old fiancè; another time it can be in a series of letters from an USA soldier. And this time Amelie Nothomb takes you to a road full of good champagne with a strange companion.

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