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Take your time and relax In the evening, two things I like to do is to make a good night tea and doodling a bit while watching a movie or a series. The tea of the moment is Snore & Peace from Clipper: chamomille, lavender and lemon balm. For doodling I love to look through the pictured book of the moment (right now it's Il Momento Perfetto), and one thing I love to use are the copic-ciao markers. I'm absolutely no good at drawing, but it relaxes me and I think that's enough. [caption id="attachment_4705" align="aligncenter" width="474"]relax time Snore & peace Clipper infuse[/caption] Home Goodies I was looking for something where to store my magazines and the other week, at Ikea, I found this little basket, perfect for the library. And I couldn't resist to the little piggy guy! little basket Girly Moment In the makeup area I'm really basic: foundation, concealer, neutral eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick. Sometimes I add some pink blush and black eye pencil. It's really rare that I go out and buy new products that I'm not used to use in my make up routine, but when it happens and I end up liking that product and I'm really happy. This time I'm happy about my new cream eye shadow (it's from an Italian brand, Shaka); I'm simply loving the little touch of color that it gives to my make up.    

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