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Lately I've been in love with a few new things: latest favourits My old jeans dress: I think I bought this dress two years ago. During this autumn and winter I almost never wore a dress or a skirt, I don't know why, it just happened. But a week ago I looked up in my wardrobe and I saw it and it was perfect: made in jeans, great with tartan shirts, and something different from my usual outfit of these months. A super simple silver ring that I bought in a little handmade shop in Barcelona last may. The first necklace I made in my new collection of mixed media accessories. latest favourites   A new grey mug. I can't control myself, every two or three months I have to buy a new mug, I simply love them. The teatree oil: last week this oil helped me with some nasty tooth pain. A yellow pillow cover I found in a basket of remainders in a store I sometimes go to when I want to find some bargains. I will use it for a new project!

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