Keep it simple

There is one thing I learned that works for me: keep it simple, it's one of my mantra. First of all I saw that is working for my work: I don't mean it in terms of sales, I'm saying that at this time I really like what I'm producing and I have developed a system. For example, for this Autumn/Winter collection: I had many ideas of things I wanted to make, I wrote them all down then I chose what I liked the most, then I picked four colors to work with and I started to make some samples and experiments. This mantra is working for my blog too: I wrote down some topics I'm interested in, I found out what I like writing on the most and even for the my writing "keep it simple" is one of the rules I keep in mind. I write what I think, for some posts I make research, but then I write with my "voice", I want this space to be something that you can link to me, to my person when you are reading it, even if we never met in person. Style: it's probably the major one I thought about during this year, except for my work. I don't follow a certain kind of fashion, I follow what I like and usually I buy something new when I need it. But when I don't know what to wear and I think I look hideous with every single pair of jeans or dress that I own, I try to remember to "keep it simple", there is no need to want to wear my favorite skirt, pair of shoes, necklace, ring, scarf all together. I want to wear a certain cardigan? OK, I start from there, then I add another piece, then another, until I have something I'm satisfied with. My home: I moved in this home almost two years ago. It's the perfect house for me and my boyfriend, we fell instantly in love with it when we saw it the first time. We were already living together, so we had our furniture from the previous home, but this house was bigger, so we took a couch from an uncle that no one was using, for example, and other pieces here and there. Sometimes I need to move things around a room, but lately I find myself wanting to eliminate things, more than add them. Except for plants: I want many many plants in my home. It's not that I want a super minimalist, black and white home, without anything around or memories on the wall, it's just I want to keep it simple. I really don't know if I was able to explain myself, sometimes, when I'm trying to be simple, I find myself to be more complex, ironic isn't it?

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