Julia Deck - Viviane Elisabeth Fauville

A book, a diary, a noir, a crime story, a dialog with other people, a love story, a journey in someone else's mind. Can just one book be all these things? Yes and in less than 150 pages, in a first novel and this can be amazing too. It's one of those books that you would pick up at the library even only for its cover (Susy Gòmez on the italian version published by Adelphi) and you would do the right thing. In the first chapter everything is confused, even the main character doesn't know what is happening to her, but with the second chapter you will understand all the story. After that is all about the fall of Viviane in something she doesn't understand, in strange actions she and you will never do. You will think that it's all there, the story is great, the fall of our heroine is done and she will never be able to go back to a normal life. But one of the secret of a good book, is that you wouldn't wait for the gran finale. Of course now I told you something like this you have that little voice in your head that keeps telling you: "So, now what? What happens to her? I have to know it". So it's a great thing the book is only 120 something pages: you can go straight to a book shop, buy the book and read it all evening.

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