Journaling - Hand writing letters

Some weeks ago, I told you about a project by Silverpebble, write a letter by hand, and last Sunday I put together my letter to send to the United States. When I have to send the first letter to someone I don't know I'm always a bit nervous on what to write and whether they will like my ideas and my little stories. Hand writing lettersI always write something different, sometimes I put together different little things, like this time. For example I write by hand a poem I like or a short story; I add a little drawing or maybe a postcard I found during my many years of collecting this kind of things. Once upon a time, in my rooms when I was at university, I had my walls covered with them, now they are in some boxes, some drawers in my desk. Hand writing letters I like to put together this kind of letters, I like the idea of letting someone know me through something I love very much: writing and storytelling. For me it's always been easier to explain myself with words, written words, instead of in person. I'm not good at making new friends in real life, especially because I'm shy and I'm always thinking things like: "now I want to say this thought i have on this subject but this person, or worse, people, in front of me will think I'm stupid and it's better if I stay silent". Hand writing letters So yes, I like very much having penpals. By the way, if you want to start a little exchange of letters, I'm always happy to have new friends to write to, You can contact me here if you want to.

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