How to: knit seed stitch

A year ago I knitted my second pair of mittens and I wanted to use some special stitches, so I found myself in love with the seed stitch, but other than those mittens, I never used again the seed stitch for my works. I don't know why. Until saturday, when I wanted to to a quick headband to be able to go out with my hair pulled in my ultimate favourite messy bun. So I grabbed a yarn of ecowool in oat and grey ( I always try to have some of that supply in my house) and I started knitting with the seed stitch. And it turned out so good that I wanted to share with you how to do it, in case you don't already know. Materials I used:
  • ecowool in oat and grey
  • 5 mm knitting needles
  • scissors
  • a cup of tea
  • smelly candle
  • a green friend of mine
Of course the last three are personal, but I always find useful having some of the things that make me happy around when I work. If you want to see better what I did, just click on the pictures. cast on     I casted on 20 stitches, I'm making a simple swatch. To learn and practise the seed st, you can knit something simple like a headband, for example. Just follow the pattern for how many rows you need to cover your head around and then sew the two ending together. first row of seed stitch First row of seed st: knit, purl, knit, purl to the end of the row second row of seed stitch Second row: turn the work, when you have a knit stitch you have to purl and when you have a purl st you have to knit. In the picture you see I would have had to knit the next st, but, instead, I had to purl. The next rounds are the same. swatch of a knitted seed stitch I love so much the texture! swatch of a knitted seed stitch If you have any questions don't hesitate to write me. headband with seed stitch This is the headband I did for myself, it's really basic, but I like it very very much and it goes well with messy bun.

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