Honeycomb brioche stitch

The other day I spent I don't know how many hours in front of the computer. When I finally finished what I was doing, I felt the urgent need to do something with my hands, but I didn't know quite well what to do. I didn't have any project to finish, so I started to look around and I found what I was looking for: a new knit stitch to learn. honeycomb brioche stitch One of my favorite stitches is the seed one and I wanted to do something with a similar softness. So after some more research I knew what I would learn: the honeycomb brioche stitch. honeycomb brioche stitch Everything started with this pattern from The Purl Bee. After trying to understand the pattern, I knew I needed to see a video, so I landed here and it was very helpful. It's possible that you know this stitch with another name, sometimes happens with knitting. If so, what name do you use for it? honeycomb brioche stitch honeycomb brioche stitch

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