Hobbies and slow schedule

I know I told you that I wanted to keep a slow schedule for this blog until Christmas and during the holidays, but I think, at least for now, I will continue with one or two weekly posts. The reason is pretty simple: I'm working a lot on my business and I need to have some free time, to just not going completly mad and living with anxiety attacks all the time. I still want to share with you my readings, my little travels, my photography work, ecc...but, also, I don't want to make tons of identical blog post just to keep up with a schedule I imposed to myself. So, at least for this busy January, I don't want to add too much pressure on my blogging, it's a hobby of mine, not a work related thing. A week ago, I think, on Instagram I talked about anxiety and the need to do more things for myself and to find some hobbies to keep my hands occupied during the evening hours, when I don't want to keep knitting or when I want to have some time for myself and my mind. I have some things on my list, like going back to weaving, drawing and other little things. Maybe, if you are interested, I can combine two hobbies together and talk here about my little tricks to battle the anxiety. A little ps: last Monday the second season of Galavant has begun and I'm so happy about it! Ps number 2: this year I don't think I will join the book challenge on goodreads, but I want to keep track of my readings on my portfolio, follow th tag #oneyearinbooks2016 to know what I'm reading.  

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