Hand writing letters

I already told you some weeks ago that one thing I very much like is the whole snail mail idea. I love to sit down at my table, surrounded by lovely things and just write to someone. I love telling stories, and writing to a friend, for me, is another excuse to do it. During the Summer I had an idea, I wanted to do a newsletter, a real one, with physical letters that I would send to the subscribers. As for many other ideas, this project has never even started, I've had lots of work for months, and although my work isn't something too much mind consuming, in the evening I didn't have the force to open my laptop and to do some research for the stories I would have written. Yesterday I read about the project of Silverpebble: write a letter by hand, "the pleasure of writing and receiving letters". In addition to finding out that we were thinking a similar thing this Summer, I really liked the idea behind this project. Even if I think it's really great to exchange handmade gifts (I took part in a couple of these projects as well), the idea to simply go back to the beautiful thing that is hand writing is so great for me. My current pen pal is still waiting for a letter from me, since it has a one month delay, and for once the fault is not of the postal service, but mine. I wanted to write to her for Christmas, of course, but work, events and my mind not in the right place got me delaying; then I wrote the letter and let it sit on my desk for 3 weeks before writing it in fair copy a couple of days ago. If you've been following me here from some time, or you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I suffer from anxiety attacks. It's not always bad, I can easily have months feeling good, but I always have to stay alert and in the years I learnt some tricks to calm myself down, taking my breaks from work or even from the world and do what makes me feel good. And sitting at my table, with some tea, or some prosecco (if it's after 5 o clock, why not?), and letting the words out, is one of the things that can calm me down for sure, as are drawing, reading and weaving. By the way: if by any chance you still don't know about the beautiful work of Tina Sosna with her snail mail supply, Lovely Envelops, please go check them out immediatly, they really are something else.  

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