Hand knit mittens

I'm so happy to tell you this: in the last two weeks I worked on something new for my shop and today I want to share it with you. I already made two pairs of mittens last year, one for a friend and one for me, so for this winter I wanted to add them also in my shop. This pattern is the first one I made for my mittens, I think I will do another one, but for now it's just this one. You can choose between four colours: hand knit mittens
  • brown and beige
  • white and mustard
  • grey and dark grey
  • black and white
I used Drops wool, I find it perfect for the style I want: cozy and a bit chunky, I'm really loving it. They are so cozy and warm, I want the cold season to start soon so I can make one of these for me and wear it with a scarf (I'm making a new one, but this is a story for another time) and a cable beanie! You can find the hand knit mittens here. My shop . Ps: did you see my new banner for the shop? I love it, but let me know what you think!

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