French Milk

A little note before I start: I read and reviewed this book during my holiday in London.   I know, I’m in London and I’m reading a travel journal set in Paris. But what can I do? I like reading about travels while I’m on a travel too, especially when it’s a graphic novel, (by the way, I loved Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson). Just another quick note: if you know about any other book like these two, please write me author and title, I’m looking for for new suggestions. When I found this book in my favourite comic bookshop in London, Gosh!, I had a feeling like I always wanted this book, and thinking about it later during the day, I found out it was like that, I read about it years ago and forgot it. But now I’m happy to have this book by Lucy Knisley. French Milk is about the trip she went on some years ago (2007), in Paris, with her mother: they stayed for a month in the french capital and this is the drawing journal she took with her during that experience. What I like most about travel journals, is that even the smallest particular, a little tiny detail during a day, becomes something interesting, at least for me. I like to read what a person kept from a day: the meal, the unkind weather, the museums, even the strange and unfamiliar things one person can find in a rented apartment. Maybe I notice these details because I’m in a rented apartment as well, in a city that, sadly, it’s not where I’m living, so I’m noticing the beautiful large white windows or the bed under the window (one of my favourite things). And it’s nice to see that it’s normal having thoughts about your daily life when you are away from it; for Lucy (and me) they were a bit anxious, she was in her last year at art school and in her early twenties. In this book I loved to see her love about art and what she experienced seeing the city so much adored by her idols. Another thing I liked about reading this journal on my holiday, was how inspiring was for me. When I’m away I always like to keep some sort of track, but I always end up disappointed by me and by my lack of order. But this time I had the right inspiration and I enjoyed writing down the simple things of my days; it’s something I try to remember during the daily life: the little things are something amazing and they are the things I end up enjoying the most, so why try to have something so different now? This book helped me remember that and made me enjoy so many more things during this trip, so thank you Lucy.

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