Five things: ideas and links

Collage: I've been making collages since I can remember. I always loved to cut out images and words from magazines and from pictures I took. It isn't something I do every single day, sometimes I don't create a single collage for months. Then, one day, I remember about my little collection of cut-outs and I'm again sitting at my table with scissors, glue and some paper. Yesterday evening, I was reading the Mindfulness issue of Flow Magazine (I will talk more about this magazine in another post), and there was an article about collage and how much it can help us with the unconscious creativity and much more. If you are curious about this argument or if you want to see more about my little creations, let me know. Shopping: Grain.
Grain is inspired by the simple things in life, like the feeling you get when you are running through a meadow, exploring the forest, or laying on a sandy beach letting the breeze blow your hair.
Home: House of C, if you want to dream a bit about woven baskets and dreamy houses. Instagram: Susie Harris Workspace: Hadas y Cuscus    

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