Five crime stories for this Summer

Beneath the Blonde by Stella Duffy. This is the third book of the adventures of Saz Martin. I found this book some years ago in the second hand section, I picked it up even if I hadn't read the first two books of the series. I remember I bought it on a Saturday afternoon and by Monday morning I had already finished it, so good it was. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovithc. I love this series so much. I choose the first one, even if my favorite is the second one, Moon Over Soho. I had to insert the first one in this list because it is an amazing series and if you like this one, you will want to read all the others. Fred Vargas is an amazing writer and her books are something special. I have to choose one for the picture, but if I had to pick my favorite one, I'd be in real trouble. The commissaire Adamsberg is a great character and the plot of the books is never ordinary. If you have never tried one of her books and you enjoy a good crime story, especially during the Summer, or to read when you are on holiday, go to your favorite library, buy the first one and start to read it as soon as you can. Q by Luther Blissett. So, how can I start to describe this book to you? I can tell you it's an historical novel and that it's not a crime story per se, but it's a great adventure. This book is kind of a masterpiece: it was written by five people and you can almost never tell when the pen changes. The book is 643 pages long, but I can assure you, when you start to read it you will not be able to put it down. I'm kind of a fanatic of this book and its authors (now the are called Wu Ming), and I can't really express how great they are and how amazing they are, especially if I think about most of the contemporary Italian literature. But this is not the place for me to be in my "fan girl mood" about them; maybe one day I will tell you more about Luther Blissett/Wu Ming and their books. Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami. I have a strange relationship with Murakami. I read Norvegian Wood during my first year in university and for too many reasons that now I won't tell you, I didn't like it. One day I was spending one of my usual long afternoon in the bookshop, looking for nothing in particular, I was just waiting for the right book to cross my way and then Dance Dance Dance was in my hands. At that time I wasn't thinking that I didn't like the other book, I was just inspired to read this one. So I did and I liked it very much. After that, my love for Haruki Murakami began and it never stopped, until two years ago, but this is another long story for another time. Some links: Beneath the Blonde: bookdepository. Rivers of London: bookdepository, Stephen Walter (the amazing artist behind the maps cover). Q: bookdepository, Luther Blissett (nom de plume). Dance Dance Dance: bookdepository.

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