Favorite of the week, 24-31 may 2015

Some of the things that are in this little selection have been in my favorites for quite some time and others are band new. Work related: favorite of the week - natura cotton from DMC in mustard color, n.81 - to-do fleur, eco-friendly paint in a lovely mint color, Miami Milk - little glass jar with herbs from my balcony Non work related: favorite of the week - Aesop resurrection aromatique hand balm, (mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedarwood atlas) - mix for the night herbal tea: lavender and chamomile favorite of the week This week I discovered once more the comfort and the chunky look of this pair of Birkenstock. I bought them a long time ago, I think I was eighteen years old, I wore them that summer and then I don't know, I think I lost track of them at my parents house. And this week I've been wearing them again and I'm in love. They are perfect for when I'm working at my studio and to go out to do some quick errands.

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