Essentials for my friday

Half day in and half day out, today I want to share with you my essentials for this friday. I have to admit it, lately I'm more inspired by semplicity and its beauty. I even created a new board on Pinterest called simple and amazing where I started to collect everything that to me reflects this idea. [caption id="attachment_3577" align="aligncenter" width="474"]friday at home at home[/caption] Wake up with a liquorice herbal tea and one of my favourite mugs, wrapped in my crochet blanket (I talked about it here), a square ring I found this summer at Cos and a fluffy tassel necklace I made a few months ago. [caption id="attachment_3579" align="aligncenter" width="474"]outfit of the day outside[/caption]   This oversized cardigan I found during the winter sales at Muji in the men's department. I love it and I wear it almost everyday. It's so cozy and warm. I added a chunky cowl I knitted last year with an amazing ecological wool and the viking beanie I talked about the other day. [caption id="attachment_3578" align="aligncenter" width="474"]in my bag in my bag[/caption] The only gift that I bought for me this Christmas was this handmade bag by Miplused Design. Since I bought it I never stopped using it. I always have to have with me some music and a book. When I find something that I like and it's also small, it's perfect to carry it around with me. This week is A taste of the unexpected by Roald Dahl. For the music: I can't say it's something new for me beacause I've been loving this band, Mumford and Sons, for so much time now. When I don't know what to listen I always come back to them. Liquorice is something that I can't take out of my bag, I suffer of low blood pressure, so it's an essential for me. I'm not a big fan of a lot of makeup, I usually use the same three, very basic and simple things. And I'm not so brave to use red lipstick, but I fell in love with this one: it's one of the Kate Moss Rimmel collection and for me it's the perfect red, not too dark and not too "strong".    

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